Pictures describe a 1000 words

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Rose Room where the KISS ceremony is held.

Your wedding shoes are just as important as a dress

Guest Book signing table

Two choices where to have your ceremony.. Living Room, which we call the Mercedes Room, in front of the fire place.

The Mercedes Room has the rich feel of being in a family living room on the ranch, back before churches were in Temecula.

March 12, 2012 Elopement

Anna and Richard eloped, and it was so enduring to have them in our chapel

All you need is LOVE~~~~

Meet Chaplain Richard

Miss Marti, your wedding director and Chaplain Richard welcome you to the chapel as if it were your own home

WE LOVE Temecula

Our D.O.G. s Director of Greeting

Isn't there just something special in the smile of newly weds?

Inside the chapel…and we highly recommend you come see in person

Toast your marriage in front of a real barn door in the KISS Rose room

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