March 24, 2012..a wedding today!

Introducing for the first time.. Mr. and Mrs. Ray (Kim) Finney.  A beautiful couple from Covina, CA drove out to Temecula to get married in the Wine Country Wedding Chapel in historic Old Town Temecula.



Four years ago, Kim went into a spa repair store to see about buying a new spa to replace a broken one. (so she thought). Ray was the customer service guy who said... "if I can fix your spa, and you don't need to buy a new one, you owe me dinner". The rest is history. You guessed it, he fixed her spa.

Hear what Kim and Ray say about the Wine Country Wedding Chapel

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The KISS Ceremony

KISS – Keeping It Simple Sweethearts
~when you just want to get married without all the whoops. We have added a new altar in front of the barn door in the Rose Room. Come by to see us sometime!

Or, have your ceremony in front of the fireplace in the Mercedes Room.

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Our first bride, Mercedes Pujol


Following is a story of our bride, Mercedes Pujol, our very own Wine Country Wedding Chapel bride!

Long before gold was discovered in California, most of the land ownerships were held in large tracts of land, called Ranchos. Originally granted by Spain to prominent persons, the Ranchos traded hands for various reasons.

Domingo Pujol was a San Francisco lawyer, born in Spain, acquired a large section of a Rancho, currently where Old Town Temecula is now.  He subdivided the lots and sold them.

Mercedes, his bride, came to Temecula in 1884 to settle her husband’s estate and donated parcels to the now “city”.  Several streets are named in honor of her and her dearly departed.

Wine Country Wedding Chapel is located on 6th Street, between Old Town Front St and Mercedes Street (named for her). Pujol Street is on the west side of town.

To honor her, as the wife of Domingo Pujol and the donations she made to the City, we have her picture in the chapel and she has the look of a beautiful bride, as she surely was.

In the Chapel, the main living room is called the Mercedes Room. Marriage ceremonies are conducted in front of the fireplace.  Prior to 1917, before there was a church in Temecula, couples had choices of going to Los Angeles or San Diego to marry in a church.  It was custom in the “old west” throughout the western part of the U.S., to marry in the home of family or friends.

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The Little Yellow House in the Middle of the Block

Located at 41973 6th St. in Old Town Temecula
We’d love to hear from you…
call us at 951-760-3399

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Trang & Nam Flash Mob

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It’s been a labor of love…

Putting our wedding chapel together has taken more than we thought but now we are close to opening. Stay tuned and join us on opening day.

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